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Planned by the inspired, filmed with purpose and driven by our global perspective. Outlandish is a creative video production, livestreaming and marketing company formed by international creators from around the world.

A multicultural team

Our multicultural team have years of professional experience in creating stunning pieces of video content and hosting livestreams across multiple platforms including TikTok. We have worked with startup businesses and enabled them to reach huge audiences through our livestreaming services as well as larger multi-national brands such as Starbucks, Fedex and Lululemon.

Outlandish can be trusted to communicate your message in the most efficient and innovative way.

Want to sell with Our influencers?

As a certified TikTok Store Partner, we are offering the opportunity to sell with our influencers. Depending on your products, we can offer this for commission only. Enter your product information and email below to see if you qualify.

How We Started

In 2015 our CEO William August was one of the first Westerners on Chinese social media to connect with local audiences in Mandarin, amassing over 3 million followers in the process across different platforms. Using this leverage, as a key opinion leader (KOL), William founded Outlandish Group.

Outlandish Media was founded in Shanghai in 2018 as a social media marketing company, specialising in communicating ideas through video. We work with global brands and help them every step of the way to succeed in the Chinese market, from brand positioning and pre-production to filming and post-production. They are an integral part of Outlandish Group and are responsible for much of our short video production, and working with TikTok in China.


Outlandish was established in Los Angeles in 2021 as one of the first TikTok certified store partners (TSP) in the US, bringing our expertise in production and social commerce to the states. In the US, we cover three main areas:

  • Livestreaming e-commerce
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video Production

A Certified US TikTok Store Partner

As a certified TSP we are able to on-board you to TikTok Shopping and enable you to start livestreaming and selling through TikTok. We are responsible for the livestream that you see, managing the end-to-end process. Working closely with the brand, we design the set, choose the hosts, develop strategies on how to promote and demonstrate products.

In addition to being a TSP and operating live streams, we’re also provide the following TikTok Marketing Services TikTok Video Creation, TikTok Account Management, TikTok Influencer and TikTok Media Buying.

Why choose us?

Certified TikTok Store Partner

Here at Outlandish, we’re the experts in TikTok Shopping & Marketing and a certified TikTok Store Partner (TSP).

Award-winning TikTok Agency

We’re an award-winning TikTok agency having won various phenomenal TikTok TSP and rising star awards for our TikTok Shopping services.

Experienced & Passionate team

We’ve been doing livestreaming & social commerce for over 5 years and we have an experienced team that know how to deliver results.

Global coverage with multiple offices

We offer our Creative Video Production, Livestreaming & Marketing services in the US, Europe and China with offices in Los Angeles, London and Shanghai.

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