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As well as serving western markets, Outlandish also operate in China. Whether you are looking to enter the China market or already have a presence but are looking for a new partner to help with your China marketing, please get in contact with us.

Helping brands succeed in the Chinese market

In 2015 our CEO William was one of the first Westerners on Chinese social media to connect with local audiences in Mandarin, amassing over 3 million followers in the process across different Chinese platforms. Using this leverage, as a key opinion leader (KOL), William founded Outlandish Group, and we have come a long way in a short time.

Outlandish Media was founded in Shanghai in 2018 as a social media marketing company, specialising in communicating ideas through video. We work with global brands and help them every step of the way to succeed in the Chinese market, from brand positioning and pre-production to filming and post-production.

Whether you are looking to enter the China market or already have a presence but is looking for a new partner to help with your China marketing please get in contact with us.

Our China Marketing services

China services we can provide are:

PR Strategy

Chinese PR is essential to getting your name out there. Our team can help you to build your PR strategy enabling you to add credibility to your brand.

Brand Strategy

We have local cultural expertise, market knowledge and experience in helping brands develop their market entry strategy for China.

Website Development

Our in-house team of designers and programmers can create a website in Mandarin that is optimized for the Chinese market.

Graphic Design

Whether you are looking for digital creative or display material, our in-house designers can design your creative for the Chinese market.

Social Media & KOL Marketing

Fundamental to your success in China, we can set up and manage your Chinese social media channels, inc. Weibo and Wechat, as well as your influencer marketing campaigns.

Media Buying

We can help you better manage your paid media advertising budget in order to maximize your ROI.

Our China Office

Outlandish operate in China from our office on 1600 Jiangning road, Jingan district, Shanghai. If you’d like to speak to our team in China please call us on +86 18768160890. Alternatively, please click on the button below to view our China website.

Why choose us?

Certified TikTok Store Partner

Here at Outlandish, we’re the experts in TikTok Shopping & Marketing and a certified TikTok Store Partner (TSP).

Award-winning TikTok Agency

We’re an award-winning TikTok agency having won various phenomenal TikTok TSP and rising star awards for our TikTok Shopping services.

Experienced & Passionate team

We’ve been doing livestreaming & social commerce for over 5 years and we have an experienced team that know how to deliver results.

Global coverage with multiple offices

We offer our Creative Video Production, Livestreaming & Marketing services in the US, Europe and China with offices in Los Angeles, London and Shanghai.

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