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The Script


This is just a reference, you should not read this word for word.

Welcome everyone! I’m [name] and today we have one of the most exciting livestreams ever!

As you can see on this sign here, I want everyone to comment 1 if you want this gift basket!

I see [name] enter the room, I see [name] let’s see them 1’s in the chat and I’m going to set this countdown right now as we are about to start our livestream exclusive promotion.

*set up countdown clock to 5 minutes*

I want everyone to listen - we have 5 minutes on this clock, at the end of this 5 minutes I will stop the first deal we have, which is for the first 5 buyers, I will be putting in double tickets for every purchaser. That’s right. Only for the first 5 buyers, I will be putting in DOUBLE tickets if you buy anything in the livestream. And here we go. 5 minutes on the clock.

So if you are one of the first 5 buyers before this timer runs out, you will be doubling your tickets!

Let me know if you purchase down below and write ‘bought’ in the comments.

I want everyone to go to the cart in the bottom left hand corner and tell me what they see. Comment down below what your favorite product is.

We only have x minutes left on the clock!

I’m gonna show this product right now to show you guys what you can purchase. [introduce product features, advantages, how it will help you in life (benefits), reviews from buyers, price during livestream].

I want everyone that’s purchased from us before write ‘me!’, if you’ve bought during the livestream remember to comment ‘bought’ down below!

[when the timer runs out, don’t immediately reset, keep talking about the product]

[when people type in ‘bought’, write down their name and put it in the box]

OK time is up! The double ticket is over! If you got in on that congratulations.

Guys remember to follow us or you can’t win, you need to send us your delivery info you need to follow us.


DO NOT GO ANYWHERE! We have a ton more opportunities to win. We have a promotion right now for everyone in the room. If you have just joined, welcome, my name is [name] and we are doing a livestream exclusive.

If you are new here, type ‘new’, if you are an old customer of us, type ‘fan’ in the chat! Let’s see who’s here!

We want to welcome all new customers so we have a special deal for everyone.

Please everyone I want you to do one thing, go to the cart down below and click on COUPONS.

Everyone should see a very special deal, tell me what you see in the comments, it’s cashback right? There’s some for new customers and old customers. This is what we give back to you!

Remember these coupons are only during the livestream, and they all have an expiry date, so use them during the livestream!

On top of them coupons, we have another promotion right now for this gift basket right next to me. And remember I want you to type bought if you buy something so I can write you name down to enter.

For any purchase over $x, you get 1 ticket;

For any purchase over $x, you get 2 tickets;

For any purchase over $x, you get 3 tickets;

I’m going to reset this timer guys, for the next 15 minutes I want everyone who purchases to type ‘bought’ in the comments.

[write down the names of people that have bought and introduce products at the same time]

[introduce product features, advantages, how it will help you in life (benefits), reviews from buyers, price during livestream].

At the end of the livestream, we will announce the winner by randomly picking a name out of the box to win this gift basket!


Thanks everyone so much for supporting, [name] bought, [name] bought, so many I can’t even remember! We love you guys!

[do the gift basket, blind pick a ticket to see who wins]

Congratulations!!! Everyone say congrats in the comment!

Remember everyone to follow and join us in the next livestream on [day]!


Final Notes

Offer something to everyone who joins the stream, and provide extra incentives for those who make a purchase during the livestream. This could be a discount code or free gift, for example. 

Use props and actions to keep the livestream interesting and engaging. This could include visual aids, sound effects, or even physical movements and gestures.

Use key phrases to keep the livestream interesting and engaging. This could include catchphrases, slogans, or other memorable sayings that help to create a sense of community and build brand recognition.

Sell your products naturally when it comes into conversation, but avoid being too salesy. Livestreams are about building community and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your audience.

Focus on providing value to your audience in the form of information and entertainment, in addition to discounts or other incentives. This will help to keep your audience engaged and interested in your livestreams.

Remember, the most important thing is to be authentic and genuine with your audience. Don't try to be someone you're not, and don't try to force a particular style or approach that doesn't feel natural to you. Instead, focus on building a strong and loyal community by providing value and creating a welcoming atmosphere that people will want to be a part of.

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