Introducing the props for your livestream

By outlandishteam
About Introducing the props for your livestream

We have compiled a list of links for the props required to elevate your livestream. The total cost for these items is approximately $100-$200. Please find the links below.

Lucky Clover Trading - Choose your gift box from this website.

Amazon Props List - All other props.

What is in the tutorial:

  • A gift box for you to put in your products;
  • Filler for the gift box to make it look more full;
  • A box to put the gift box entries into;
  • Tickets to write the name of the buyer entries on;
  • Card to write your sign on;
  • Felt-tip pens to write with;
  • A countdown clock;
  • A bell or squeezy toy to use when you get a purchase;
  • Easter egg theme props;
  • St. Patricks Day props;

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