Key phrases to use in your livestream

By outlandishteam
About Key phrases to use in your livestream

In this video, we'll cover some essential phrases that can be used to keep your audience engaged, boost interaction, and create a sense of urgency to make purchases during your livestream.

It's important to use these phrases strategically to increase sales, but also keep in mind the importance of fostering a community and creating a balanced approach that's not solely focused on sales.

Key phrases:

  • You have to follow, if you aren’t following you can’t win!
  • If you buy during the livestream today, you can win this free gift basket! This is an exclusive deal!
  • The timer only has X minutes, whoever purchases now gets double entries!
  • Who is that joining? Hi [name]! Comment 1 if you want to win this amazing gift basket.
  • What’s your favorite product in the cart? Comment what your favorite product is!
  • Comment 1 if you want to win let’s see who wants it! I see you want to win [name], [name] wants to win too.
  • Comment ‘bought’ if you have bought something so I can put your name in the box!
  • First 5 buyers get double entries, so be quick!
  • If you purchase anything let us know in the chat.
  • We have another purchase! *ring bell*!!!
  • *show product to camera* this is on a massive discount only during the stream guys if you want to purchase this right now I will get you into that box and enter you to win the gift basket.

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