Influencer Marketing

If you are looking to get your brand seen, heard and talked about, influencer marketing is the way forward – especially with the emergence of social commerce. Through livestreaming and platforms such as TikTok, influencers can not only talk about your product but they can demonstrate it to a live and engaged audience, generating sales there and then.

Our in-house TikTok Livestream Hosts

We have over 25 in-house Livestream TikTok Hosts, who are streaming content across the platform for up to 10 hours a day. They bring energy to the livestream, engage with audience and ultimately demonstrate and sell your brand through the TikTok Shopping platform. Some of our hosts have now gained their own cult following, with viewers tuning in to watch their favourite presenters. Some of our hosts now have up to 10,000 followers and are what we call KOS’s – Key Opinion Sellers – meaning hey have the ability to drive large volume sales through the livestream. Click here to see some of our livestream hosts.

In addition to this we also work with influencers who have large followers on the TikTok platform and can livestream directly from their account to their large and highly engaged audience

Types of Influencers

We use content creators and also partner with social media influencers

Content Creators

We use content creators to help us produce branded & user-generated content, which can be used to share across all of your marketing channels. The content creators typically have under 10,000 followers and are experts at creating high-quality content.


We also partner with social media influencers that hold large influence over their highly engaged audiences to drive more traffic and revenue for your business.

Get started on TikTok by downloading our onboarding guides

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Want to sell with Our influencers?

As a certified TikTok Store Partner, we are offering the opportunity to sell with our influencers. Depending on your products, we can offer this for commission only. Enter your product information and email below to see if you qualify.

Why choose us?

Certified TikTok Store Partner

Here at Outlandish, we’re the experts in TikTok Shopping & Marketing and a certified TikTok Store Partner (TSP).

Award-winning TikTok Agency

We’re an award-winning TikTok agency having won various phenomenal TikTok TSP and rising star awards for our TikTok Shopping services.

Experienced & Passionate team

We’ve been doing livestreaming & social commerce for over 5 years and we have an experienced team that know how to deliver results.

Global coverage with multiple offices

We offer our Creative Video Production, Livestreaming & Marketing services in the US, Europe and China with offices in Los Angeles, London and Shanghai.

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