Essential Guide # 2: Tips for Succeeding in a TikTok Livestream

Published On: May 17th, 2023

Welcome back, eager entrepreneurs and creative content creators, to our comprehensive guide on harnessing the power of TikTok Live Shopping. Today, we shift our focus to the heart of the action: live streaming. Get ready to uncover the secrets of crafting captivating live streams, understanding their vital importance, and unlocking the keys to maximizing audience engagement.

Timing is everything
It’s not just about knowing what your audience wants, but also when they’re most active. Go live at the same time as your viewers by conducting polls or checking your TikTok analytics. Upgrade to a Pro account to access valuable stats and insights.

Prepare for success
Don’t leave your livestreams to chance. Plan your topic and key points in advance to make the most of your time. With a script, you’ll stay on track, engage viewers, and avoid rambling. Planning also helps you anticipate and address any potential issues.

Spread the word
Get your audience excited about your livestream. Promote your upcoming event by creating a promotional video with a link to your live event. Share your event link through direct messages or on your profile to drive viewership. Encourage others to share the link during the livestream itself.

  1. Create a captivating promotional video: Take advantage of the “Related video” feature on your scheduled live event. Use this space to provide a tantalizing preview of what viewers can expect during your broadcast. Unlike regular TikTok videos, this promotional video includes a clickable link to your live event, making it convenient for users to sign up and join the excitement.
  2. Share your event link directly: Reach out to potential viewers by sending them direct messages on the platform. Alternatively, direct them to your profile where your scheduled live event is prominently displayed. This way, interested individuals can easily access the event details and set a reminder to tune in.
  3. Harness the power of livestream sharing: Both you and your viewers can actively share the event link during the livestream itself. Encourage your audience to spread the word by sharing the link with their followers and friends, increasing the visibility and attendance of your live event.

Check your network connection
Don’t underestimate the importance of a reliable network. Constant disconnections can lead to viewer disengagement. Run a speed test to avoid any technical glitches, and consider having a backup internet connection for added peace of mind. Click Here for Speed Test

Boost audience engagement
Encourage active participation from your viewers to create an immersive livestream experience. Prompt them to drop emojis or hearts, as this can boost your livestream’s visibility in TikTok’s algorithm. Additionally, provide valuable knowledge or incentives to keep your audience engaged until the end.

Analyze your performance
Dive into the analytics after your livestream. Gain insights on viewership, follower growth, and even rewatch your recorded, where you can identify areas of improvement and refine your future content.


Also to note, another important thing is to make sure you’re familiar with TikTok’s interface to avoid any mishaps. Explore key features and functionalities that can enhance your Livestream, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for both you and your viewers. The key things to look for are:

  1. Flip camera feature: Show what’s in front of you without turning away from the camera. It’s all about seamless presentation.
  2. Enhance mode: Smooth out any wrinkles with beauty filters for a flawless appearance on screen.
  3. Share your livestream: Spread the excitement by sharing your livestream link on other social media platforms. Just click the Share arrow and let the world join in.
  4. Filter your comments: Create a friendlier experience by filtering out unwanted comments. Simply access the Settings icon, on the bottom of the page press keyword filters, and enjoy a more positive interaction. You can use up to 200 Key Words.

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