TikTok Trends to Look Out for in 2023

Published On: May 22nd, 2023

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of TikTok in 2023? Whether you’re an established TikTok creator or just getting started, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and understand how the platform is evolving. From content preferences to advertising opportunities, we’ve got you covered with the top TikTok trends to watch this year. From understanding how to maximize your ad spending and learning how to hack the algorithm

1. Understanding Keywords that You Are Using (SEO)

Supercharge Your Reach with TikTok SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t just for websites anymore. As TikTok becomes the go-to search engine for Gen Z, mastering TikTok SEO will be more crucial than ever. With the platform growing increasingly crowded, leveraging SEO techniques will give you a competitive edge in the quest for that coveted spot on the For You page and search results. Tips for TikTok Creators: To boost your video rankings on TikTok, start by understanding your target audience. Identify the top keywords in your niche and strategically incorporate them into your content. Whether it’s through captivating captions, trending hashtags, or clever voiceovers, find creative ways to optimize your content and attract the right viewers.

2. Embrace Bite-Sized Education

In 2023, knowledge-sharing and educational content will continue to thrive on TikTok. Audiences are hungry for bite-sized information and quick tutorials on a wide range of topics, from cooking and DIY hacks to financial tips and mental health advice. Capitalize on this trend by creating engaging and informative content that empowers your viewers.

3.TikTok’s Extended Play: Get Ready for Longer Videos

TikTok is breaking the time barrier! With the introduction of the Creativity Program Beta, TikTokers will need to create videos at least one minute long to earn cash. This move follows TikTok’s earlier expansion of video length to 10 minutes in 2022. So, creators, it’s time to experiment with longer and more in-depth content to seize this opportunity.

4. Advertisers Keep the TikTok Party Going

Brands can’t get enough of TikTok’s skyrocketing popularity. In 2023, ad spending on TikTok is projected to reach a staggering $8.75 billion, offering creators substantial opportunities for brand partnerships. But remember, marketers will be selective. Stand out by showcasing your track record in delivering results for brands targeting similar customer demographics. Sharpen your content creation skills to secure those lucrative deals.

5. Building Audience Trust for Success

Trust is the currency that drives purchasing decisions on TikTok. A whopping 72% of users who bought a product or visited a website were influenced by reviews from trusted creators. Building trust with your audience should be a top priority. Always consider how your content adds value to your viewers’ lives. Remember, authenticity, transparency, and relatability are key to gaining your audience’s trust. Don’t be afraid to show your true self, embrace imperfections, and share personal stories. Authenticity will help you build trust, foster engagement, and forge deeper connections with your audience.

6. Valuable Content: A Gateway to Action

Successful creators know that TikTok is just the beginning of their journey. Diversifying income streams is vital for long-term success. But don’t rely on pushy sales tactics. TikTok’s trend report reveals that 92% of users who took action after following a link felt a positive emotion. To drive action and generate revenue, create content that provides value, makes people laugh, or triggers positive emotions. Focus on giving before selling.

7. Spreading Joy: The Key to Audience Engagement

In 2023, positive vibes will dominate TikTok. The platform already brings happiness to 50% of its users, and brands need to lift spirits to motivate purchases. As a creator, tap into this hunger for joy and levity in your content. Whether it’s DIY, beauty, or any other niche, inspire your audience, make them feel capable, and remind them of their beauty. Leave the doom and gloom for other platforms.

8. Tight-Knit Micro-Communities Thrive

TikTok is known for its diverse and dedicated niche communities. In 2023, these micro-communities will become even tighter. TikTok introduces users to new topics 1.8 times more often, creating opportunities for creators to connect with passionate followers. Find your expertise or a subject you’re eager to explore and grow your following by offering valuable content that helps your audience learn.

9. Embrace Micro-Influencer Marketing

While big-name influencers continue to dominate the digital landscape, micro-influencers are gaining momentum on TikTok. These creators may have smaller follower counts but boast highly engaged and niche audiences. Brands are increasingly recognizing the value of micro-influencers, so don’t underestimate the impact you can make with your dedicated community.

10. AR Filters and Effects Level Up

Get ready for a virtual transformation! Augmented Reality (AR) filters and effects will continue to evolve, offering creators and users innovative ways to enhance their content. From mind-bending visual effects to interactive games, embrace the latest AR features to make your videos stand out and captivate your audience.

In 2023, TikTok has emerged as a platform brimming with possibilities for creators, offering avenues to explore new horizons. Whether you aspire to delve into unexplored niches, monetize your content by collaborating with brands, or enhance your pursuit of brand partnerships, TikTok holds immense potential. Success in this realm hinges on your ability to prioritize your audience’s interests, curate content that enriches their experience, and foster a positive atmosphere that empowers them to achieve their utmost potential. Embracing these principles can propel you towards significant accomplishments in the year ahead. Also by registering your account with Outlandish, we can assist you in navigating the challenges associated with TikTok Shop and provide valuable guidance.

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