TikTok Marketing Services

Outlandish Digital are the experts in TikTok Shopping & Marketing, with over 3 years experience working with TikTok in China and UK, bringing our expertise of social commerce and livestreaming to the market.

TikTok Shopping & Live Streaming

As a certified TSP we are able to on-board you to TikTok Shopping and enable you to start live streaming and selling through TikTok. We are responsible for the livestream that you see, managing the end-to-end process. Working closely with the brand, we design the set, choose the hosts, develop strategies on how to promote and demonstrate products.

Our TikTok Marketing Services

In addition to being a TSP and operating live streams, we also offer the following TikTok Marketing Services:

TikTok Video Creation

Our creative production team produce engaging short videos specifically for the TikTok audience.

TikTok Account Management

We can operate your TikTok account with regular posts and optimizations in line with the TikTok algorithms.

TikTok Influencer Marketing

We have our own network of TikTok influencers who can post and run livestreams on their TikTok account to promote your brand.

TikTok Media Buying

We can help you gain more views and traffic by creating and managing your paid ads on TikTok.

TikTok Stores is the future of shopping

First, we had shopping centres, the pinnacle of brick and mortar. Then we had websites, which became online giants, delivering products to us from virtual shelves. Now we have live-commerce!

TikTok are now offering you the chance to buy directly from the platform whilst enjoying the content you know and love.

This is the start of a new era of online shopping with real-time customer service in the palm of your hands. When live, we answer your questions, demonstrate products, have flash sales and giveaways to provide your audience with the most entertaining form of shopping on the internet.

Be at the forefront of online shopping

For brands TikTok shopping provides a new way for them to reach customers in a very direct way. Whether it is to promote a new product line, gain a different fanbase or clear stock, TikTok live streaming and shopping is a new must-have marketing channel.

We as the TSP, (TikTok Store Partner), are responsible for the livestream that you see. Working closely with the brand, we design the set, choose the hosts and how to promote and demonstrate the products.

How are transactions made?

Buying on TikTok is the same as buying on any other ecommerce platform. Payments go straight through TikTok, just like when you pay for things on other sites – the customer’s money is protected. If you trust TikTok with your personal data, then online shopping shouldn’t be any different.

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Sell with Brands you love.

Want to sell with Our influencers?

As a certified TikTok Store Partner, we are offering the opportunity to sell with our influencers. Depending on your products, we can offer this for commission only. Enter your product information and email below to see if you qualify.

Why choose us?

Certified TikTok Store Partner

Here at Outlandish, we’re the experts in TikTok Shopping & Marketing and a certified TikTok Store Partner (TSP).

Award-winning TikTok Agency

We’re an award-winning TikTok agency having won various phenomenal TikTok TSP and rising star awards for our TikTok Shopping services.

Experienced & Passionate team

We’ve been doing livestreaming & social commerce for over 5 years and we have an experienced team that know how to deliver results.

Global coverage with multiple offices

We offer our Creative Video Production, Livestreaming & Marketing services in the US, Europe and China with offices in Los Angeles, London and Shanghai.

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